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Fostered from the age of 3 months old, abused as a child, a former member of a criminal gang, a successful recording artist, a body guard for many celebrities and now an award winning film producer, director and actor Fredi Nwaka is a walking Story book. While his thoughts and opinions may cover a vast variety of topics, some of you may or may not agree with, what better way to be inspired and motivated then to listen and be a part of his journey.

Join me Fredi Nwaka and Luke Whyte for the ROOM 26 podcast where every week we discuss both important and fun topics in a raw unadulterated fashion as well as exciting interviews with celebrity friends and guests Every Wednesday I get a celebrity guest on the phone and Fridays myself and Luke discuss an interesting topic, meme or just life.

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See below for a list of celebrity and special invited guests episodes.


I speak to DJ MILKTRAY about his faith, his highs and lows and why he became a DJ, his inspirations and winning a BACK2BLACK Award at the BAFTA.


I speak to Cindy Humphrey about being a strong black woman in a male dominated industry, losing her father to cancer, her child flat lining in her arms plus the launch of her clothing brand ROIMAD.


I speak to WINSTON ELLIS, talented actor, 3 x World Martial artist and film producer. We speak about his life, being compared to Idris Elba, working along side the Worlds Strongest man, highs and lows of his life and.... feet.


Today my special guest is UK soul Queen TERRI WALKER.
She is an incredibly talented, R&B and soul singer-song-writer.
From spending her teenage years in Germany, to signing with Def Jam Records, Terri has so many life lessons to share. This episode is full of wisdom, laughter and inspiration.


Fredi speaks to Notorious Compton Ex Gang member CHICO BROWNwho spent years in Jail with Freeway Rick on drug charges, he gives his view on who and why Nipsey Hustle was killed and talks making over $200m a year from drug trafficking. He talks about turning his life around and now helping the gangs out in Compton.


Today I speak to NOEL CLARKE one of the most prolific Black British movie stars. A multi-awarding winning, actor, writer, producer and director. Currently starring in the TV hit series BulletProof, the show he is co-creator of. Many know him from his role in Dr Who, whilst others will remember him for, writing, directing and starring in the Kidulthood trilogy. Noel Clarke knows no limits, he's done so much and continues to pave the way for many. On this episode Noel shares some of the battles his had to face in the industry as well as his #1 piece of advice for up and coming actors. Remember to subscribe to our podcast so you never miss an episode.


I speak to KOJO ANIM about growing up in care while his parents were in prison, how he wrote his feature film The Weekend Movie but never received a penny as a result of what his business partner at the time did. We also speak about how he felt when Simon Cowell pressed the Golden Buzzer on BGT and why Alesha Dixon didn't push hers, how he held his own on Nick Cannons Wild 'N' Out... and much much more.


Fredi speaks to the multi-talented, Actor and martial artist LEE CHARLES. Fresh off the set of British TV drama series, Gangs of London, Lee stops by Room 26 to catch up with his old friend Fredi. 6 time kick boxing world champion, Lee, tells us what it’s like to fight for 10 hours non stop and almost die, why he likes being punched in the face and also what it takes to get up off of the canvas when life knocks you down


I speak to none other than CHARLES VENN who should in my eyes be the next James Bond.

Since Charles Venn burst on to TV screens he has never left. Currently in one of Britain's favourite shows, Casualty, Charles is a seasoned actor. On this enthralling episode of room 26, we hear how and where, Charles started his acting journey, the impact his parents have had on his career and life, and the turning point as a young man which confirmed to him that he can do anything he puts his mind to. This is one not to be missed. Raw, honest and authentic.


The first of many episode with my friends from across the pond.
Today I speak to Fredro Starr from award winning Rap group ONYX. Dro is a real artist, who enjoys expressing himself through music and acting. Fredro Starr continues to make hard-hitting hiphop music to this day.

In this amazing episode, Fredro shares his unique perspective on life, music and hair styles.
Find out what fredro would be doing if it wasnt for music and also what his proudest moment has been.


I speak to JUDI LOVE about the importance of looking after our black men, we discuss losing her mother, raising her children alone, loose women, celebrity Master Chef, her crazy Quarantine date nights and mental health and much much more.


I speak to So Solid member and presenter MC Harvey and find out how his ex wife Alesha Dixon reacted when she heard his step father had passed away, how his current partner has kept him on the straight and narrow and how he recovered from bankruptcy plus much much more.


Fredi speaks to UK soul sensation Don'e about his inspirations, being compared to Omar, meeting Stevie Wonder and much more.


We speak to NUSH COPE and find out what it's like being pregnant while on lockdown? Saying no to opportunities because you have a bigger dream in mind and what it's like when people cant figure out if you're black, white or mixed race?


Find out why Fredi and ASHLEY WALTERS were in Beef, what led him to severe depression and alcoholism but how he managed to turn his life into becoming one of the UKs most successful and consistent actors.


I speak to RICHARD BLACKWOOD and find out his proudest moments, how it feels to be one of the UK's best stand up comedians and his transition into acting.
I like to call this guy the 'walking Superman'. Find out how WILLIAMS FALADE managed to beat Covid 19 and how he manages to stay in such great shape and his mantra for a healthy life style.
Find out what happened when armed masked intruders tried to break into her house and rob JESSICA JANE-STAFFORD in front of her children. Find out about her acting career and how she manages to be a successful working mother.
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